X42 - SetBfree-Controller


Here is a plugin to allow to control setBfree with MIDI. Basically that’s a kind of Mindi plugin but with specific parameters for setBfree.

I hope it can be provided by setBfree one of this days, but i really want to play with it now then…


It includes most of the features provided by setBfree as MIDI control, based on it’s default configuration:

  • Presets (global and upper and lower keyboard)
  • 9x3 drawbars
  • Overdrive, reverb, volume
  • Percussion including few switches
  • Vibrato including few switches

It was designed to work with the last setBfree version (at least 0.8.10), unfortunately not the packaged version which is right now provided by Mod. But some of the features can still work (presets and drawbars for sure).

I would like to use setBfree MIDI notifications to update the GUI, but that’s something not yet available in Mod. I also would like to update the drawbars sliders for a more let say organic style, and the layout definitely be reworked… but i feel like it’s time to learn to play music instead of coding no ending stuffs.

Then here it is.


BTW, i dont know if it is the right place, but i would like to implement the setBfree “random drawbars” feature. That’s basically a press button to send a signal. Is anybody knows a plugin doing the same interaction? I am searching for the way to describe that kind of push button with LV2, and the way to code it.

I think you mean a trigger, in lv2 terms.

This is a button that the user can press, and the host resets it to the default value after each run.
Essentially working as a push button.

A few plugins have buttons like this, like the reset button on the tinygain and cv-meter.

Good !!! i don’t know how install that, can instal that in the plugin shop ?

I think you mean a trigger, in lv2 terms.

Exactly. Thanks a lot. It works.

can install that in the plugin shop ?

Not yet. I don’t really know how it is managed, but I guess at one point it will be available as a “beta” plugin. I also could provide a recompiled version, but i don’t think it is a good idea.

That’s what MOD Labs is all about. We want to make it easier (and not dependent on the MOD team) for developers to publish plugins in an open community-managed cloud.

Unfortunately we couldn’t make this move this year, as we expected, but we are working on this.

Meanwhile, one “easy” way to deploy a plugin to your device is by using the MOD SDK.

See https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/MOD_SDK

Hi @val

Thank you for your work on the new GUI, it looks very good! We would like to update our version in the store to a more recent version and using your GUI. So I will have a look at adding this to the plugin store.


very cool!

Thanks a lot. Hope it can be useful.

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Oooh yess it will !!! :smiley:

Hello when did you plan to integrate this plug-in?
There is not a lot of news about generator.

@FanchLoric I’ve had a brief look at this a while back, but due to other priorities taking over it never got published in the store. However, this is still a very nice addition to the plugin, so I will have a look at this again.

Ok thanks i’m impatient to try that.

Do you have news ?
I really need this plug to have several personalized sounds.

@FanchLoric I will have a look at this by the end of today or on Monday. Depending on if I will have time to do this today.

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ok thanks !!

Non news ?

@FanchLoric, I’m working on this right now. The controller is already merged with our system but the regular setbfree has to be updated in order to work with the controller. Before I can push the update to the store, we will have to test the update first. I will post an update here when the package is updated and the controller is in the store.

ok i will wait.

@FanchLoric, just a small update here. We have just finished the testing. I will update the plugins in the store tomorrow morning.

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