[x-mas challenge] guitar to bass sound

You all probably made a board to turn your regular electric guitar into a bass guitar sound?

(Yes I know I’d better use a bass guitar straight away to get a better start, but I haven’t got one here right now. It’s just for a small background bassline)

What’s your setting?
Have been fiddling a while yesterday, but didn’t get the tone I needed.
I know it’s possible, but I’m trying the wrong combinations.

e.g.: the sound of the hot bass from:
Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Give it away

Of course, there are plenty of famous bass tones possible, feel free to post yours!

Edit: I forgot to test the Mod Bass Cabinets plugin yesterday. Maybe that will work, or is it only good if you plug in a bass guitar?


A first attempt right here:

Feel free to add yours or give some feedback :wink:
Never mind the messy guitar playin’, I just wanted to record something quickly.


Very cool! I may borrow it to help me get that type of bass tone…

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Of course you should borrow it :slight_smile:
As each guitar originally has another tone, you’ll need to tweak the board a little to get the same results.
And everyone needs another type of bass tone, so you will need to add other pedals for other cool sounds, endless possibilities!
I’m already curious to hear what music you’ll be playing with this.