WTB (Want to Buy) : MOD Duo X Production Model

best FROM Austria

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I know of a friend in the US with one for sale, should I send you his contact (in private)?

PM me if you’d like.

rather not, as it’d be too much travel…
I wi wait for a more economic option

Nobody wanna sell their MOD Devices is a very good sign!

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I think it’s because of the refusal to work with North American sellers. I know of 2 MDX production units listed for sale but ship from the US.


crazy and sad…
@MOD: Getting North-American seller contracts would skyrocket your business, IMHO

MOD has contracts in the US.

They dont make the MDX anymore, and there are 2 people in North America who would sell their MDX to you, but you do not want to deal with international sellers.

That is what I meant by my comment.


Not a month ago I offered you mine, which I could bring with me by hand to Europe and ship from there, without VAT or duties, and you said no to that citing shipping hassles. So I guess your best chance is finding someone in your city or close by.

Don’t you think they’re trying that? A number of issues make Mod’s US breakthrough difficult and they’re aware of it.

BTW, Perfect Circuit still has brand new units for sale, 899 USD + tax + s/h.

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That, I didn’t know.
What I negated was shipping it overseas, as written - I found it not to be economic. If you planning to travel Europe/EU I’m happy to unroll our negotiations again :man_dancing:

Well, I did mention that it was going to be shipped from within the EU, please check below:

Screen Shot 2023-06-15 at 12.54.21 PM


Sorry if for some reason I didn’t make myself very clear.

Anyway, I might be back in Europe in September, but that’s uncertain at this point. You should keep searching until then. Reverb has some offerings – including in Germany – but be aware that their super Buyer Protection Program, “100% guaranteed” coverage is a lie and when I got scammed months ago I never recovered my loss in full.

If I come around and you’re still looking for one, we can talk then.

Good luck.

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fair enough & thank you!

I am interested in selling my Mod Duo X. I’m based in the UK though, so would have to negotiate the UK to EU selling issues. I can look into how that might work if you are interested. It’s a production model with original box, carry case, PSU. Very good condition. I bought it second hand from eBay in the UK and haven’t done very much with it TBH. DM for details and pricing.

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We gotta love Brexit, don’t we? My partner’s business went down because 85% of his sales were to EU, he lost almost all clients within 6 months. But, hey! the UK is so much better now, right? Oops…

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just so sad… please, come back again - we’re desperately missing you guys :crossed_fingers: :love_you_gesture:

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Haha! No, you’re not. UK needs you, not the other way round.

My father’s family is Scottish, and they’re hyper-pissed. Scotland voted “Stay” in the EU 2-to-1 but at the same time was voting to leave the UK. The Queen went there to beg for “union” (almost a joke considering their desire to leave EU) and when the referendum for independence gave the UK a roughly 52 to 48 win, the Crown says “Hey, thanks for your fidelity. By the way, we’re leaving EU, deal with it”. Many more people wanted the EU than staying in the UK, but we got played.

Now anything I want from the UK gets an extra 22% in VAT and takes longer.

BTW… Scotland will stay one of my destination for holidays - being deep in love with bagpipes and my Scottish car (a right- steerer, of course)

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Have some Haggis for me while you’re there! :wink:

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I feel with you… it was a great betrayal

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When you get here, please remember to say “Hi”… I’m based in Glasgow.