Wrong displayed snapshot after calling a pedalboard

Hello, one thing that has been driving me crazy for some time. It used to be in the earlier firmwares that the first snapshot of a pedalboard was always called when loading a pedalboard. However, since a few updates, as far as I’ve found out, it always loads the last snapshot that was active. I have two problems with this.

  1. it often shows me in the display the first snapshot, but in reality has loaded the x snapshot. Only when I have pressed the middle button until I have virtually reached the first snapshot, the display is correct again. This regularly causes me to start songs with the wrong snapshot.

  2. Since I have built a pedalboard for each song and a snapshot for each part of the song, I used to be able to simply go through the whole song with one button after calling up the song. Now I have to click back to the first snapshot every time I enter a new song. This is very annoying. It’s like working in a good old fashioned video store and your customers haven’t rewound a single tape and you have to do that every time ;-).

Can’t you please program a switch somewhere where you can change the behavior back to “1st snapshot when opening a pedalboard”?

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I think it loads the Snapshot that was loaded when you last saved the pedalboard, doesn’t it ?

This is a bug that we just found as well. When using MIDI program changes to switch snapshots, the device menus are also not updated.
We have this as to-do on the current work sprint.

Good point. Our motivation for the change was that many users were confused that their pedalboard settings/values were not being “saved”, because of the use of snapshots that always got the first one loaded. And that surely can be confusing.

But you have shown that sometimes the old behaviour is wanted.
@jesse any comments?