Wow. This Beato interview just pinned me down

I might have had a bit too much of emotional bumps lately, but when I listened to this interview last night, and especially at the moment when he grabs the guitar in the middle of the video, it hit me right through the heart.

Damn, this man is in his 70’s, almost died of Covid not long ago, and still has the soul and tenderness of his young man’s voice in his chest.



And this was just a few day after I discovered all that happened about Joni Mitchell over the past two years and I could hear her rendition of Both Sides Now at Newport festival.


what happened to her?

white envy here :slight_smile:

Let’s clarify. I watched the Newport perf on Youtube. It’s amazing enough !!!

And Joni had a stroke a few years ago that apparently left her lying on her floor for a few days before someone eventually found her. She was left unable to walk and in quite bad shape for a while. But then a group of Friends assembled around her for informal “jams” at her place and she gradually managed to recover her ability to sing, first just along, and then better and better. And she is apparently even able to stand up now.

It’s quite an unbelievable recovery at her age. And what she did at the Newport concert seems to have been a bit of a surprise that she prepared for her friends who were not expecting her to do so well at all. You can see their disbelief while it’s happening and it’s quite tear jerking.


Yes, there are videos on youtube, but on the official ones they put some autotune on her voice, very strange… But you can here some phones on other channels :

Autotune ? Are you sure ?

Salut @Rom,
I think you’re right about the use of autotune.

Hi @Azza, listen to these 2 videos of the same song :

Between 1:40 and 2:00, Joni sings the sentence : “I’m frightened by the devil”. Listen carefully to the word “by”. The 1st version is a bit uneven but the second one (official video) is spot on during the whole note. You can also compare the sentence “Go to him” around 3:00.


Indeed. Very interesting.

@Rom, you nailed it. There’s surely some correction there.

We have to consider that she’s been in poor health for a while, plus she’s a serial smoker. No voice lasts intact with that.

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