WOV issues?

Just upgraded, and installed a couple of the trial versions. The Shiroverb 2 is brilliant, will be buying that ASAP.

The WOV has amazing potential, but at the moment seems to have a serious issue with stereo imaging and a fairly significant level drop with no gain control to sort that out… Hope the dev can fix it, cos I can think of lots of fun uses for a crazy OTT trem :slight_smile:

Looking forward to digging into the other commercial pedals and blowing all my hard-earned cash on yet more crazy sounds! (Will also upload a couple of my more experimental boards soon with beta plugins on them…)

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The output is not stereo. It has an internal generator and the second input is the output of the generator alone.

Alessio, the developer, sent us a collection of presets. They are already going upstream and an update of WOV including the presets is on the way. They are extremely helpful :wink:

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woah, OK, I’ll give it another look then! That was confusing me a lot. There are a load of presets already in there - will go back through them in mono :slight_smile: (I can’t find anywhere in it that labels the two outputs, so that might be something to think about for the GUI)

Great. These are the ones I mentioned. They got upstream already :wink:

Yep. Agreed that the GUI should reflect that. We’ll contact the dev.


@gianfranco I can’t help but notice that the WOV plugin is a different version than the desktop and even iOS version. The dev has updated the iOS version a week ago, but the Mod version is not keeping pace. Can we get the newest version (one with 8 steps, please:)) in the Mod store. Also, TTAP and Shaper would be great as well! If the full line of K-Devices plugins could be available (without pared-down functionality), I think it would be exceptionally well received by the Mod Devices user base.




Hey @adammwhite, thanks for the heads up. I’m not sure how fast it can happen since we are now with different priorities (and a lot of work coming from those). Anyway, I will be passing this to the developers :wink:
Thanks again