Would like CV control to allow 'inverse' settings

I’m still struggling with some basic routing options, and hope that newer plug-ins will make routing and device control much easier.

For example, if I want to use a single button on the device to trigger Toggleswitch, so that a signal is either 1&2 or 3&4, you can’t assign a device button to those four switches. I should note that I want to use more than one Toggleswitch as well.

So, use Control to CV which can be set to the four buttons on Toggleswitch. But this won’t work because you can’t choose ‘inverse’ on any of these, so all four switches are either on or off, (not 1&2 on while 3&4 are off). Possibly there is something I’m missing here? I tried adding the CV control after setting two switches to on, two to off, but this didn’t matter.

You have to use your device button to turn Control to CV on, or off - as the ‘amount’ of CV cannot be controlled by a button.

The current Switchbox plug-in doesn’t accept CV, so it’s out of the picture.

I know there is a stereo switcher in the works, but this issue is really about allowing CV to control something ‘inversely’. I expected to find this in the advanced settings, as with other control elements, but this is reserved for the ‘type’ of CV.

Coming from an HX environment, allowing any switch to control something with it’s inverse makes things so much easier. I want this delay to mute when this reverb kicks in, using one switch!

I wanted to know about this, too and just waited for someone to ask the question. Thanks for doing so, @S_Righteous! I do not use switches that much any more but would like to control drive and volume of overdrive/distortion pedals simultaneously but inversely… e.g. gain up and volume down.

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If there a CV plugin that can invert a signal? I think that should work then…
Maybe with the attenuverter-booster

if a signal passes through it and the multiplier is set to -1, it will invert the signal.

Did not try this, but just an idea.

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In the case of the Toggleswitch, you would need to send it both the positive and negative signal in order to achieve the ‘switching’. So converting the original signal would not achieve this - the Toggleswitch needs to be able to have some parameters use minimum CV, some use maximum values for the switching to work just like midi where you can reverse the ranges.

Just to check on this, will it always be 1&2 or 3&4?

Well the example I’m giving, is using it like a stereo switcher, so that is what I would be going for. Each of the four buttons can get a single control, or the same control if it’s CV.

For a single CV control to have half the switches on, while half are off, is the issue.

Possibly something in the arsenal of plug-ins would take a single CV and split it into two opposite CV controls that can both be used?

I’m going to test having a single CV to Control, which is used to turn on two more CV to Control switches to see if this works. That’s three plug-ins to achieve a single button action though!

Yeah, this test didn’t work. The nature of CV is that it’s a positive voltage sending a signal, sending no voltage won’t trigger something, unless voltage is already there.

So I was able to have one button trigger two CV plug-ins and one sent +10 signals and the other sent +5 signals, but they are still positive signals.

Ultimately Toggleswitch turns all it’s switches on based on a positive CV of some kind, and there is no way I can see to inverse that. Possibly two streams of CV that each send continuous control which is modulated on or off by a single button?

I got this working !
Here is the set up.

  1. Control to CV, this is turned on and off by a single button, CV output = “single_button”.

  2. Control to CV, this is turned on by CV = single_button, and sends to the first two switches of the Toggleswitch. It’s CV output is “always_on”.

  3. Attenuator Booster, gets its signal directly from the “always_on” plug-in, and it is set to an offset of -10. It’s CV output is called “always_off”, and gets sent to the 3&4 switches of Toggleswitch, where the advanced settings are set to unipolar -10 to 0.

Now a single switch on the device will toggle 1&2 or 3&4 switches on Toggleswitch.

Finally a working solution! :grinning:


I do think I must be missing something, so sorry if this is completely the wrong end of the stick…

As Toggleswitch has only a mono input and you are using 1&2 and 3&4 as ‘linked pairs’, would something like the following also work for your use-case, but without needing the CV stuff? (Just replace the click/gains/mixer with your signal paths of choice).

Either way, really glad you have found a working solution!

Here is an example of the kind of things I’m doing. An effects box with extensive controls. I am trying to do all the cool things without needing the NanoControl midi controller.

Page 1

  1. A dry level through the entire thing.
  2. A choice of 4 delays, each having 2 parameters controlled by knobs all on page 1.
  3. A post delay level control.

Page 2

  1. Delay send amount to loopers
  2. A choice of 4 loopers (set to 4000ms for 120bpm) with feedback control (0 to 100) to preserve or ditch the loop.
  3. Filters on each looper.
  4. A dry signal send into the loopers.

Page 3 hasn’t been filled up yet, but will probably be effects on each loop, like distortion, mod, etc. I don’t think I need to have onboard controls for the final reverb.


I’m processing tracks, and other material where I require stereo inputs/outputs even if some delays are mono.

That was probably the biggest hurdle, as I use Toggleswitch controlled via CV, and Switchbox doesn’t allow CV, so you can’t have two that both switch from a single input source - it’s unfortunate.