Wolf Plugins - Wolf Shaper

Here is a cool addition to the store, a distortion plugin where you create your own waveshaping functions using a spline-based graph editor.

Plugin should be considered experimental for now, specially the GUI part.
This is the first ever plugin pushed to the store that makes use of WebAssembly and WebGL for the GUI, instead of the typical web technologies.
We are basically running the desktop GUI inside the pedalboard.
Feedback and testing is very much appreciated at this point, across a whole range of devices too.

A few notes:

  • right-click the graph will add a new point
  • right-clicking a point will show a few options (like changing the line type and deleting the point)
  • for moving and focusing/zooming the GUI, click on its window-like titlebar.

Wolf-Shaper official website:

Enjoy! and let us know how your experience with the plugin goes!


That looks awesome!

This demo video will give oyu an idea what to expect:


Definitely looks awesome, but I can’t get it to really do anything. Pre and post definitely affect volume, but I can’t get any of the other controls to actually change the sound. I even tried sending AMS VCO3 thru it to get a clean sinewave and try the same things in the intro video posted here, but nothing seemed to change the sound at all. Installed on my Dwarf with latest firmware from the plugin store and using Chrome on Windows.


I have the same experience. Also getting the message that the GUI URL is taking control of the mouse.
I on 1.12 MDX Firefox and Mac Os Catalina.


Just updated the plugin in the store, still beta, but UI interaction should actually work now.


Tested and indeed the UI interaction works! This plugin sounds amazing!


tried it again but I get no UI.
removed and reinstalled it but that didn’t help


that depends on the browser, needs to support web-assembly. try in a different one if you can.

Ah that’s odd, since I tried it on a Chrome browser last time (couple of MOD updates ago) but back then I had interface but it wasn’t doing anything soundwise. I’ll try something else today.

This plugin is a real beast! Very hypnotic with lot’s of movement. Even though my understanding of what it’s doing isn’t too deep. Used it with a phaser and tremolo to process percussive sounds from handpans and handdrums. Brought me into some acid dripping dubsteppy realms. Works fine for me on Firefox Mac Catalina BTW. Thanks for another gamechanging plugin!


Updated the plugin just now, still on beta store.
The GUI no longer relies on mouse pointer lock to function, you should be able to drag the knobs without the annoying popups about mouse cursor being stolen now.
If you are on 1.13 the GUI will cleanup itself properly when the plugin is removed from the pedalboard, consuming less resources (was not possible to do on 1.12 or earlier)

Try it out and let me know if it works for you.

If you use it, would be greatly appreciated if some pedalboards/presets could be made with it.
We want to push the plugin to stable, since the most critical things with it have been fixed now, but this one needs presets more than others

PS: you might need to reload the web gui after updating the plugin, because the old GUI code doesnt refresh automatically if it was loaded before.


I just need to find some time because the concept of the Wolf shaper is intriguing to say the least!

Thanks for your continuing attention to this and many other items in the MOD Universe @falkTX