Great! I’ll grab it! Thank you!

Thanks Bram. I’ll check it out and keep my eye open for the new one.

A synced Delay with longer Times in Synced Mode:
1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, etc.

I would love to have a plugin that broadcasts what i am playing to someone else on the internet. And let me hear what he is playing.

Not trying to make a virtual band, but one on one training with a teacher…


that will be very difficult since the audio runs on the unit, which has no access to the internet.
so we would have to fetch audio through the browser and send it to the plugin via… hmm a websocket? webrtc?
not impossible, but I bet will be hard to find any existing plugin solutions with this in mind.

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@falkTX, @acunha and I have just made a proof of concept to stream the audio to the browser using WebRTC. So yes, this is totally doable! \o/


I was planning to try porting abNinjam to MOD as soon as I get all the controls accessible through LV2 Atoms and State and some existing bugs in abNinjam fixed. Regarding network access you would either connect the MOD to an existing network with internet access or run a (Ninjam specific or generic/socat-based) proxy on your computer. There are probably other ways specific to mod-host (“proxy” through the browser using WebRTC etc.) but I’d like to keep the plugin itself portable.

(Check here for more info about how Ninjam works)

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Also related GitHub - mfvargo/rtjam: Real Time Music Jam DPF plugin

plugin being made with DPF, so we can very easily get a working LV2 version.

I would love to see some basic mixer modules, but with more ins and outs than currently available.
Here are some mockups.


Yes please! That’s an easy but very helpful idea.

There is already a “Cross Fader” that is available in stereo on the MOD.

The problem with it is that the “default preset” cannot be removed and/or modified, so, when presets are assigned to a foot switch, it circles with the other presets.

In other words, you cannot make an A/B switch with it. You will always have a A/B/Default switch.

Hi everybody! I’m a hopefully soon ModX owner. This is my first post and already wishing or rather asking for something :sweat_smile:

Please correct me if that is possible already. Is there some sort of a chance / bernoulli gate type module? I saw the Logic Operator one which maybe could be used for that. But rather than two inputs, I’m looking for 1 in / 2 out. The switch boxes already exist, would be great to be able switch them not only manually.

@Simon, we do have a dedicated A/B switch for audio signals, see: SwitchBox2 - MOD Devices
Would that work for the use case you’re describing?
I recently updated the audio switchboxes to also include stereo versions and an inverted version. I also updated the code a bit, so dat it fades between the channels when switching instead of doing a hard switch (because that resulted in an audible click sound).

I also worked on two mixer some time ago, which is a 4 channel mixer mono with panning, solo and mute per track, and a 4 channel stereo version. The code of the plugin is finished, and I’m now working on getting the GUI ready.



Basically, I have 2 bass guitars (Duo input 1 and 2) and I want to switch between them depending on the song I play.

“SwitchBox2” is a 1 input 2 outputs. I need the opposite

You mentioned having an “inverted version”. I will look into that tonight but I don’t recall seeing it last week when I worked on this setup.

For the moment, I am using Mindi to send a program change to an external MIDI A/B switch (AB Cadabra from Sound Sculpture) but why use external hardware when the Duo only needs a software plugin to do the same … :wink:

BTW, Mindi does not have a “Default” preset. This allows me to circle between my presets and only my presets when assigned to a stomp on the Duo.

Finally, there seems to be a small bug with the “Cross Fader” presets section. I had difficulties creating, deleting and renaming presets. It looks like some kind of “screen refresh” issue. I will create a new post in this forum later tonight and describe the behavior in more depth.

I’ll let you know what I find …

Thanks !

Blockquote I also worked on two mixer some time ago, which is a 4 channel mixer mono with panning, solo and mute per track, and a 4 channel stereo version. The code of the plugin is finished, and I’m now working on getting the GUI ready.

Oh Bram, this is really good news. A 4 channel stereo Mixer would make a lot of stuff much easier to route. Looking forward to that one!!!



I looked into the plugin store tonight and found many new SwitchBoxes that I don’t recall seeing before.

I will be using the Switchbox 2-1. It’s a simple one but exactly what I needed.

Thank You!

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yeah the stereo (audio) switchbox and midi switchboxes were just added by Bram
can be seen at Plugins - MOD Devices


I would also love to see some kind of “performance” recorder.
So that you could enable the recording function and it would capture if you played some notes, or knob movements. You should then be able to modify if you wanted this to be used on the midi out, or internally.
The best would of course be if this could be done both Quantized or Unquantized.
Maybe also convert midi notes or CC´s to CV afterwards and use the Mod Duo X as a modulator for things with CV.


(Sequencer with more functions?) Sequencer with more functions?
This will probably not be developed further.
X42 plugin - stepseq with more functions? · Issue #11 · x42/stepseq.lv2 · GitHub

Possibly a new one?


That would be great.