Hi there- I thought now, the Duo X is out we could gather some PlugIn-Wishes here?
I´ll start:

  • CV Random Generator
  • CV Sample and Hold
  • MIDI-Looper

Also post here if you know any other solutions/ workarounds or plugins already available!
Thanks for taking part in this!


Hi @20goto10, thank you for your input!

Regarding the plugins on the wish list; there is a CV random generator available as a BETA plugin. This plugin will move to our regular store very soon. There is also a sample and hold plugin in BETA already, however that will need some minor tweaks in order to work on our system. But it will be available in the near future. Regarding a MIDI-looper, this is definitely something that we want to have, so I’m quite positive that this will be available in the future as well. However, at this time it’s hard to say when that will be exactly.


Hi Bram and thanks for your reply… that sounds good! - as far as my wishes are concerned I´m looking forward to more CV utilities. does it mean I can find those BETA plugins in the store?

I hope there will be other users adding more ideas and perhaps there are some nerdy guys able to build a midilooper and make it useable in the duo x…(there is a post of someone who built one, but it´s not working on the duo yet).

Hi all,

What about a simple recording plugin? Very often when I’m jaming and have new ideas I’m annoyed by opening the DAW just for a simple (in that case not) quick record of it. So I was thinking it would be nice if I could record directly on the mod and save the file on a flash drive plugged in the usb port of the duo.

This in mind i kept thinking, that if this was possible, then something like a basic four track record system would be possible.

With effect routing and all would turn the duo into a simple mobile DAW :star_struck:

Right now i think it’s not possible, firmwarewise, but maybe in the future with some updates… who knows :wink:


For me a “Export Loop” function in the looper-plugins would do the job- to keep ideas or use nice sounds in my DAW.


Is it possible to pin topics on this forum? I think this should be.

I would really like a much more sophisticated Step sequencer, maybe even a piano roll.

More synth modules maybe based on modular synth hardware

a top quality synthesizer

looking forward to audio recording too

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Some kind of BPM synced audio slice/scatter/chop/freeze plugins. I’d like to build something similar to the Pioneer RMX-1000.


LIST UPDATE 28 october 2020


Kudos to all these requests! I just bought my Duo a week ago and I’m sad to be so late to the party! Who knew??
I’m a guitarist and am planning on using the Duo for live performances. The plugins and hardware changes (future versions I’m sure) I would like to see are:
A noise gate
A tuner in the GUI
Ultimately, it would be nice to have a way to use it with an effects loop…i.e. 4-cable setup.
As I said earlier, I’m new at this so IF these plugins already exist or if there are work-arounds, let me know.
Kudos also to the whole Mod development team!! Thanks


there is one in the beta section


We do have one noise gate at the moment, please see: https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/plugins/aHR0cDovL2hpcHBpZS5sdC9sdjIvZ2F0ZQ==
But there is also a new one coming to the store soon.


Great! I’ll grab it! Thank you!

Thanks Bram. I’ll check it out and keep my eye open for the new one.

A synced Delay with longer Times in Synced Mode:
1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, etc.

I would love to have a plugin that broadcasts what i am playing to someone else on the internet. And let me hear what he is playing.

Not trying to make a virtual band, but one on one training with a teacher…


that will be very difficult since the audio runs on the unit, which has no access to the internet.
so we would have to fetch audio through the browser and send it to the plugin via… hmm a websocket? webrtc?
not impossible, but I bet will be hard to find any existing plugin solutions with this in mind.

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@falkTX, @acunha and I have just made a proof of concept to stream the audio to the browser using WebRTC. So yes, this is totally doable! \o/


I was planning to try porting abNinjam to MOD as soon as I get all the controls accessible through LV2 Atoms and State and some existing bugs in abNinjam fixed. Regarding network access you would either connect the MOD to an existing network with internet access or run a (Ninjam specific or generic/socat-based) proxy on your computer. There are probably other ways specific to mod-host (“proxy” through the browser using WebRTC etc.) but I’d like to keep the plugin itself portable.

(Check here for more info about how Ninjam works)

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Also related GitHub - mfvargo/rtjam: Real Time Music Jam DPF plugin

plugin being made with DPF, so we can very easily get a working LV2 version.