Win10 Driver (bluetooth) and Touch screen movements

I am with my MOD a few days and I am trying to keep up and adapt to the development and updates here at FORUM. I confess that I was never to attend FORUMS therefore excuse me-if what I say is not relevant, but I think it is.

The considerations and problems:

1- I had driver problems so I used the first time with my Windows 10. MOD staff helped me on Facebook and got a driver that runs cool. (Thanks Mod Team)
Once I left the Realease 1.1.0 RC3 got a Bluetooth 4.0 antenna to be able to use the Bluetooth functions. Bluetooth connected appears in both the Mode in Windows, but as soon as the first connection to the Win10 via the USB cable, my browser does not find the way - I think that is driver problem as well. Because I could connect to the Mobile normally. If you can help me with this problem, I will be grateful.

  1. How will take a while (hopefully not much) to get the other peripherals (expression pedal and footswitch), think of using my PC has touch screen to switch the effects and improvise. I have already informed the MOD staff about the inability that the MOD panel provides for touch movements on the screen, and this expected delay, an update of the graphics and on-screen commands are needed. I believe that those who use the Set Tablets also benefit.

My operating system is: Windows 10 Home
MOD Release 1.1.0 RC3

For the USB cable it’s (51, not 50).

PS: there’s

I know, I am referring to the address for the Bluetooth connection. Already got USB connection. Sorry if I expressed myself badly … Google translator.