WiFi Dongles tested as working

Oh how I wish I could list some, but this is instead a request …

Has anyone got a WiFi USB Dongle to work on a Dwarf with v1.13.latest (the one that the release notes says comes with some WiFi drivers) without having to resort to building or installing drivers?
If so, can you share details of the device please?

All the searching I’ve done comes up with is reports of failure or limited success achieved by cross-compiling drivers (shudder!)

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I am using an Edimax dongle I own since years (back when RaspberryPis didn’t have Wifi). My Inbox research tells me its probably a EDIMAX EW-7811UN.
Worked out of the box without compiling or building anything.


Oh, and its OS version (I somehow can’t edit my post, probably because I’m too new):

Thanks for the contribution! I bumped up your trust level and you should be able to edit posts now.