Wifi dongle

Hi everyone !

Would it be possible to use a USB wifi dongle on the Duo in order to have it showing as a host on my LAN and to control the GUI from any device on my network ?

I suspect there are no driver for that on the mod, but was wondering how hard it would be to build one (for instance for the popular EDIMAX EW-7811)

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Thanks Pedro,

but I think it should be ok with a few €’s EDIMAX dongle and a bit of basic configuration.

What would be super cool though would be to have a wifi connection dialog available in the Mod’s menus :star_struck:

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New spam here @gianfranco

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Would be great to hear from someone at MOD about whether supporting a wifi dongle is feasible (or even better, built-in wifi on the Dwarf!).

Web UI over bluetooth very slow seems like a difficult problem to improve until Bluetooth 5.0 dongles become available, and even then Bluetooth networking is always going to be more awkward and probably slower than normal wifi. Any thoughts @gianfranco? :slight_smile:

Oh, this is a duplicate of Wifi connectivity. Perhaps the two threads can be merged?