Which WiFi Dongles?

Has anyone successfully used a WiFi Dongle with their MOD Dwarf and if so, could you share details, ideally a link to buy one?

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Please check this: Bluetooth Dongles tested on MOD Devices - #4 by jon

There are some other as well. This is, if I remember right, the latest one.


Thank you Kim. There was mention of WiFi firmware as well so curious if anyone has this working, since bluetooth seems slow for this purpose.


I actually use Bluetooth quite often. However, rather when I rehearse with the band, so in places where I have no PC. I then use my tablet via Bluetooth. This is of course much slower than a USB cable. But it works pretty well overall. When the pedalboard is loaded, which in fact takes longer, you can then edit it quite well.

Oh interesting, well for the cost of the stick it’s worth a try, thanks again Kim.

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