Which Expression Pedal for Dwarf?

I’d be intrested in a simple Expression Pedal.
I thougth it should be a simple MIDI padle.
What do people use?

A common solution is a “chocolate” midi controller from AliExpress to use with whatever expression/volume pedal you can find


The M-VAVE Schokolade BT Wireless MIDI Controller looks promising and simple.
Does it work with the MOD Dwarf Bluetooth dongle and how about latency?
I saw it offered with it’s own buetooth dongle.
What is the experience here?

You can use either with its own usb dongle or directly on the usb BUT

i have not been able to use it with the “generic” dongle I use to connect to PC/table and
i have not been able to use both the “generic” dongle and the chocolate donge.

so my advise would be to spare money and not buy its bluetooth dongle. I have connected my dwarf to a small usb hub, and then a commercial bluetooth dongle to connect to th pc/tablet and the chocolate usb, which I plan to replace with a wifi one

On the latency… It is my first and only midi controller, i think it kind of works, but I am sure that is far from perfect on the sample rate of the expression pedal

it is not “simple”, but it is really customizable using an app (not on the play store…). You can find lot of details here

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