Where are the setBfree parameters?

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I’m very new to the mod duo (and not so new to the linux/ardour/lv2 world ^^ ). What a fantastic pedal and concept. I’ve spent all last night to discover it, but a little disappointed when I realized that x42 setBfree (a so great (the best ?) B3 emulation) has no parameter to deal with :-/
I can access them via midi but would it be possible in a future build to reach them in the parameters panel ? Or having the meaning to export pgm and cfg files from my linux desktop to the mod duo ?
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@x42 is the person to answer that :wink:

The short answer is no.

You can either have them available as controls (and under MOD control) or the plugin itself can respond to MIDI-CC. You cannot have both.

Say you send a MIDI-CC to move a drawbar and at the same time move a control. There’s a conflict. Who would win? The technical reason: A plugin cannot modify its own inputs (ie. receive CC and set a control-input which is under host’s control).

The proper solution for this would be to allow a MOD-GUI to send/receive MIDI-CC to control the backend. This is not yet possible with official MOD (There’s a prototype for LV2 Atom communication which will eventually allow this, someday).

Likewise the current MOD does not yet allow upload of files via the web-interface…

Meanwhile you can probably copy config giles manually to modduo.local:/root/.config/setBfree/default.cfg and modduo.local:/root/.config/setBfree/default.pgm (after creating the folder ~/.config/setBfree/ on the MOD.

There are already about 32 /normal/ controls (drabars + switches) binding those via MOD to CC per pedalboard would already be a PITA. – Furthermore setBfree has few million internal parameters. Exposing them all via control-parmeters would be plain mad.


PS. Why would you want to do this anyway?

When playing the organ you are on a MIDI-keyboard and can hopefully easily send CCs from the keyboard. surely you don’t want to fiddle with controls on a Web-UI while on stage.

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True ! my midi keyboard just doesn’t have any control knobs or sliders to do that so i just wanted to save fixed drawbars, percs, clicks,etc…parameters via the web-UI :wink:
Thanks a lot for your replies, your tip about copying pgm and cfg file to the mod duo sounds very good to me ! Having a try very soon !! :slight_smile:



One potential option for you is to use Pedalboard presets and the Mindi plugin to send messages into the setBfree. The way it would work is you would connect a Mindi to your setBfree, set a value you want to send and save the preset. When the preset is loaded, Mindi will send the message out. In this way, you could set up different presets and cycle through them to change the parameters.


Sorry if parts of my discussion involvement shift the focus in this discussion…

I have a fairly old Nord Electro 2 Seventythree I will use @x42’s setBfree Whirl Speaker Extended Version and setBfree Organ Overdrive with.
I am thankful for @x42’s plugins that replace my Neo Instruments Ventilator and another reverb pedal
Due to lack of time/understanding I did not manage to map Nord’s drawbar CCs (16 to 24) and other parameters for setBfree inside Mixbus32c yet. But now I got the Mod duo to replace a laptop. too.

I think in my case I have to use a lot of cluttery MIDI CC Map plugins for the drawbars.

As @unbracketed pointed out I would use mindi for that. I will look further into this as well. Can it map all NE2 CC values at once to the setBfree drawbar CCs?
If not, this brings me to a MIDI CC Map plugin request.
Would it be useful to program an extended version of the MIDI CC Map to look like MIDI Step Sequencer8x16 where changed CC parameters are highlighted with the new value in another colour?

Shall I write another plugin request topic?

Greetings to you all and God bless,

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Using the desktop GUI of the plugin, you can ctrl+middle click on any element to re-map MIDI-CC bindings (,and export them and upload the config files to the MOD).


@x42 I tried this (with scp commands), but unfortunately it doesn’t work… setBfree goes on with it’s own config and my default.pgm doesn’t appear in the parameters…Perhaps I did something wrong :-/

If one is in a home studio, and on a limited budget, using a simple MIDI keyboard to play music, and using the on-screen interface for the drawbars, the switches, and so on, is clearly an attractive option; that is why someone would want to do that. So there would be no question of conflicting MIDI control commands for the controls interfering with the use of the interface, only the piano keys in the interface need to be turned off if MIDI input is enabled for playing only. Of course, that is special purpose, so it is no doubt an “improper” solution.

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I saw this thread yesterday. Then i clean up my current pet project to share it, cause maybe you was looking for something like that. https://github.com/vallsv/setbfree-controller.lv2/blob/master/modgui/screenshot.png I wanted to upgrade few other things, like using organ-like drawbars with colors, but the result can already be useful, i hope.

It have to be plugged to setBFree (not the Mod version but the last version from Github), cause there was an improvement on the default MIDI settings provides.

Then it provides most of the default MIDI configuration offered by setBFree (https://github.com/pantherb/setBfree/blob/master/pgm/default.pgm):

  • Presets
  • 9x3 drawbars
  • Overdrive, reverb, volume
  • Percussion including few switches
  • Vibrato including few switches

There is no feedback then the feeling is weird, but it can be already useful.

I have to confess the master was not tested with Mod, i only tried it with another host. But i promise to do it this weekend. But feel free to play with.


Wow !! Val…thanks ! It’s exactly what I was waiting for :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:. I cant wait the day I can play with it on Mod. I hope you’ll bring it soon to mod host :innocent::innocent::innocent:. I Will be the happiest betatesting man :grin:


I’m not sure how I must do to install all these… A little help would be welcome :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Thanks !

I created this other thread setBfree-controller. The better thing to do is to wait, expect you know how to use docker and compile things. I hope soon, maybe, it could be part of the shop.

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