When did you start MODing?

I’d never realised that MOD stands for Muscian Operated Device. I also had not realised how long their creativity had been around!

I started playing with MOD s/w on a Pi in 2022 and then I bought a pre-loved Dwarf in early 2023.

What does your MOD journey look like?

Sam x


Hi! Thanks for the info. I had no idea either and the timeline was interesting to read!

I found about MOD on YouTube and I couldn’t believe such a cool product could actually exist. It’s the perfect pedalboard! :star_struck:

After a few months watching more videos about it and reading the forum I decided to acquire a MOD Duo X (that was just like one week ago!).

I’m still impressed with the unit and also with the community. There’s a bunch of talented and willing to help people here still coming up with new ideas :bulb:.

Thanks to all the MOD team. It’s great that you made this happen! :love_you_gesture:t6:


MOD: building a sustainable Linux Audio based business Image

Making a Standalone Effects Pedal System Based on Embed Linux


@falkTX talks about the broken promise of 10 years of the board (with the CPU…) it means MOD would have to re-engineer the thing ?!? :scream:
Is it Qualcomm which broke this promise ?

(It makes me think of Fairphone5 which choose the chipset Qualcomm QCM 6490 base on a same promise, hope they have a better promise…)

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this doesn’t even have a Qualcomm chip. It’s a Rockchip PX30.

those thing most often come down to demand and power of the partners. Even Audi and other car companies have problems getting chips so the small builders have to have a good sense of the market. Or a design that can adept very easily. Dwarf has neither so after the units are sold its the END.

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No. It was Firefly, the company that makes the System-On-Module.

When slecting the CPU, we were aiming at the RK3326. Firefly pitched the PX-30, which is the industrial grade version of the RK3326, with a 10-year supply (EOL in 2028) instead of 5 years (EOL in 2023), but running at 1.3GHz instead of 1.5GHz.

We went for the “slightly slower but long term supplied” PX-30 just to be notified one year later that the 10-year assurance would not be honoured.

But despite any information related to supply of the SOM, there have been no production blocks on that front till now. And we have already enquired about future batches, receiving a positive answer from Firefly.