What will happen if I plug two Duos to my computer?

I’m seriously thinking about getting a second Duo for myself… and I wonder what would happen if I plug both of them into my computer USB at the same time… Can I get two GUI’s up at the same time or can I only plug one unit in at a time?

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At the moment you can only use 1 Duo connected to the PC via USB, and another Duo connected via Bluetooth.
Even if you manually assign a new IP to the first connected Duo, it will stop working once you connect a new one (using USB).

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Could we connect the two duos with the control chain and configure both as master and slave? I could imagine that you want to change the state on both simultaneously.


Thanks for the info. At least I can do one by USB an another by bluetooth for now… save me from plugging and unplugging… :slight_smile:

@Skydiver if you’re ok opening SSH into Duo then it shouldn’t be too hard to tweak the network config to get it working on a different IP then both could work simultaneously (i.e. MOD 1 at and MOD 2 at

However you’d have to re-do the hack after upgrading your MODs.

I’ve never done that… I have no experience in working with SSH… The most I did was copy and post something into the terminal of my Mac… :grin:

Just an idea…

It would be cool to be able to daisy chain Duos and be able to share DSP and route things from any input to any output. So if you have two Duos the whole system becomes a 4in/4out system… three duos it becomes a 6in/6out… and so on…

Maybe making an expansion box that expands the DSP and in/outs…

Just a thought I had…

We tried that already.
Even put a page on the wiki for it as well, http://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Custom_IP_Address

But, it still does not work.
When you connect the 2nd Duo to the PC (via USB), you lose the connection to the first one, even if it had a different IP.

@falkTX did you investigate this further? It’s likely you couldn’t do it because you just changed to a different address within the same network. If you try a different network (i.e. then it must work.

I’m sorry to resurrect such an old thread, however, this is is the closest to my current issue. Is there a way now to use two Dwarfs together connected to the same PC (in my case running Linux/Ubuntu) via USB ?

What was preventing to keep the first unit working when plugging the second unit, even changing IP addresses? Is there more than the IP address to change in the first unit so that it does not collide with the second?

I am asking because I am waiting now for my Dwarf (Tier 3) and I am contemplating getting another Dwarf in the meantime and then have two Dwarfs being controlled by the same PC, e.g. in their own tab in Firefox. I’d then use one for guitar effects and the other for sound generation (e.g. cardinal or some such). Just a thought at this stage though.

If it’s not possible, I’ll just wait for my Dwarf to come. It’s OK.

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There is still no ability to control 2 units over USB simultaneously.

I’ve made this request before as well.

It’s a bummer for us multiple unit owners, hopefully it will done down the road.


this is probably way more complex than you’d like, but what about creating a VM on the host machine and connecting the USB device to that VM? That way, they can both use the “moddwarf.local” hostname without needing to modify any config on the Dwarf(s).

you cant connect 2 with the same usb cable, but can control 2 if hacking around a bit to force one of the units to use a different IP.

Custom IP Address - MOD Wiki describes how.

one of the units then gets as entry point for the web gui


Thank you for your response. It does seem then to be possible. I don’t mind going and changing a few files in /etc at every upgrade if that’s what it takes. I was originally worried because you said in a previous response:

But, it still does not work.
When you connect the 2nd Duo to the PC (via USB), you lose the connection to the first one, even if it had a different IP.

So, somehow I understood there was going to be something more to it. It seems no longer an issue then.


yeah, I thought it was not possible but after some changes in 1.10 we put in place a few things that made it actually work.
still requires manual tweaking though, making it all automatic seems quite tricky.


Thanks! This is quite encouraging.