What output gets recorded with a pedalboard sample?

I just published a pedalboard and wanted to record a sample of it. However, when I played back the recording, it sounded like just the guitar. In that pedalboard, input 1 is directly connected to output 1 because I’ve set it up for 4-cable method. I have the amp sims and cab sims all on the second channel. So, the recording sounded like it was just recording output 1 and not getting the amp and cab sims. Has anyone else experienced this?

One wrinkle: at the time of the recording, the board contained a beta plugin (and a warning idicated that users might not be able to use this board). I found out the hard way that you can’t include custom built or beta plugins in pedalboards, or you get an upload failure. I’m wondering if that is also related to why I’m not hearing the amp/cab sims in the recording.

Beta plugins should be possible, we have many pedalboards shared with beta plugins. You just need to take out the filter for pedalboards with beta plugins in the Pedalboard feed.

I believe that it records a mix of the two output channels, but I’m not 100% sure about this. Maybe @jesse, @falkTX or @acunha can clarify this better.

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Hmmm… then it must be the custom-built plugins that exist on my dwarf, but not in the normal or beta plugin shop.

Yes, I would say that it can be problematic because the other users can’t access those plugins.
Would you be interested in passing those to beta?

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For one of them, the author has asked that it not be added to the plugin store. For the other, I have provided a .mk file for @falkTX (Aether Reverb)


It is better to do it as a pull request on mod-plugin-builder.
But I will take care of it this time, added it in mod-plugin-builder#30854924

Needed to fix some issues upstream, sent a patch as per https://github.com/Dougal-s/Aether/pull/24


Awesome! I’ll be sure to submit a PR next time.