What is the most brick-wall limiter plug-in?

I’ve been running wildly different levels into the Duo X. I just want whatever is input to get cranked up to max, then set a brickwall limiter which takes that down to a specific level like -8db or whatever.

But as much as I have played with the various compressors and limiters, they are all very forgiving and musical, but I need something brutal!

Anyone with experience doing this kind of thing?

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@S_Righteous , I have had good experiences using the Invada Compressor with “softclip” enabled and “RMS” set to 0.

This makes sure that it does not look at the RMS value, and instead looks directly at signal peak values. At the same time, it makes sure that signals exceeding the treshold will get softclipped.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’m using that plug-in now and finding it easy to get something under control.


Just adding to this thread for future reference. I find that the MDA Dynamics plug-in does the type of brickwall limiting I want to use. Most other limiters seem to work more like compressors or even expanders pushing the level towards the set limit. The Calf Brickwall limiter for example does not keep my dynamics clean below the limit, but MDA Dynamics does.