WET DRY WET (Input question)

I want to have a wet dry wet setup, but my current setup only allows wet dry.

Gtr → Input 1 Dwarf
Output 1 Dwarf → Tonex input
Tonex out 1 as my DRY
Tonex out 2 → Input 2 Dwarf
then as Output 2 Dwarf as my Wet

Is there (I have to ask, sorry) a way to re-program
input 2 of the Mod Dwarf to be a SEND? It to become an output, maybe via programming?

It seems far-fetched but I have to ask… Because it would be such a nice feature to have

Both outputs on the dwarf will become Wet outputs (because the delay and reverbs are so lush and wonderful)

I don’t see any audio gear where you can transform an input in an output… unless you have quite a lot of time, patience and really good skills (soldering, engineering, programming…) there is no way you can turn an input in an output.

But, to get a proper Wet-Dry-Wet you simply can use a splitter before the Dwarf’s input, so you will have you dry, and a copy of your dry going through your Dwarf and becoming your two wets.

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Yeah, i was just asking coz mod dwarf is very modular… But I had an inkling it is impossible on this device.

No, I need to go thru the mod dwarf to use the plentiful distortions, wah, comp on the dry signal.

I tried inputting from the tonex and then phase invert one of two signals within the mod dwarf and the other signal would have my dry effects and distortions etc and then combine them together.

That’s gonna be the tonex signal (+positive) on one end
And then a dry processed tonex signal inverted
(- negative)
A 3rd signal from the tonex again…
Put them together and you get tonex + dry effects.

Doesnt sound the same

Perhaps you could re-purpose the headphone OUT as Tonex IN?

Edit: Never mind. You’d only create a loop.