We're hiring! Web Developer & UI/UX Designer

Hi guys, we’d really like your help here as we have two job openings:

If you know anyone who is a web developer or a UI/UX designer please consider sending them this post. Both positions are in Berlin.

Also feel free to share this post in other forums which you might know to be popular with web developers and designers.



Maybe you would post a description for the job on the opensourcedesign board:


Will look into that, thanks @brummer.

The local Python and Django user groups could be a good source. Try getting in touch with the organizers and ask them about making presentations and/or leaving job postings.

Excellent, thanks for the tip @unbracketed.

Is there any site you’d recommend where Software Developers in Berlin typically look for jobs?

The mailing list of the Berlin Linux User Group (BELUG, https://www.belug.de/kommunikation-mailinglisten.html) might be worth a try, too.

Are you still interested in this employees? Anyway next time I suggest contact an outstaffing company. Here you can read more about how it’s work. In a few words - there are a lot of counties where you can hire developers with lower cost (Eastern Europe), and there are a lot of companies which can provide you with team dedicated only to your business.

If you are still looking for Devs, have you thought about offering Remote Positions also?

Given they maybe have also a technical environment at home for debugging hardware & software?

Cheers Max

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