WebUI's Library doesn't show pedalboards begining with a number


In the WebUI Pedalboards Library I don’t see the pedalboards which I’ve named with a number as a 1st letter.

How to reproduce

  1. Save a pedalboard with this name : 2023-03-25 - Awesome pedalboards
  2. Go to the Pedalboards Library → there is no 2023-03-25 - Awesome pedalboards
  3. if you check without WebUI (with the Dwarf) there is all your pedalboards begining with numbers on the top of the list of pedalboards… (but you can’t see the 1st to the 15th letters, could the name roll so we can read it entirely ?)

Expected/suggested solution

Show the pedalboards in alphabetic order (as it is now) and in numeric order, just lit it is in the device Default Bank.

Additional information

  • Dwarf
  • OS
  • Operating system: Kubuntu 22.10
  • browser : firefox 111.0.1
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Don’t know if it’s related, but when The Mod Watcher generate a plugin from a Gen~ Max patch named with a number in first position, the number doesn’t appear and is replaced by an underscore…

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Still need to investigate, but I suspect some weirdness related to valid symbols not being able to start with a number. As @zwabo says in some parts we add a underscore as a way to keep things working, likely needs something related here too.

@Steven_VE see if you can reproduce please, thanks

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I have been trying to reproduce this and have gotten interesting results. The first time I copied the name using Ctrl + C from your post and I had no problem finding the pedalboard afterward:

When I started typing this message and copied it again I noticed there were asterisks * * around the name to make it italic. When I tried again without the asterisks, I could not find the pedalboard anymore. So I think this is related to what @zwabo said about the underscore but the same behavior also works with asterisks.

I will make a ticket for this so @falkTX can look into it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Tangential to this issue, I noticed an odd behavior related to what in English would be considered a “special character”—in this case, an e with an accent aigu (é). I named a pedalboard “Solamenté Dwarf” and it saved both that AND a duplicate version without the accent, “Solamente Dwarf” but defaulted to showing the one without the accent. I noticed when I’d switched away to another pedalboard and then went back to it; found both names and the accent-free one had my latest changes.

Not trying to derail the thread; only mentioning it here because it seems like there may be multiple linguistic/character issues within the naming convention.