Website - Plugins - 'Pedalboards using it' - issue

I’ve searched the forum but cannot see this issue reported elsewhere.

Being interested in exploring ‘The Rude’ plugin, I visited its plugin page.

Top right It says there are 8 pedalboards using it

but when I click on the link, it only shows 1 pedalboard.

Similarly, the ‘Midi File’ plugin shows 11 pedalboards using it

but only 6 are listed when I visit the link

I love the ability to download a shared pedalboard, it helps me to figure out how to use my Dwarf; this issue is a barrier to doing this.

Sam x


that would be due to people sharing it privately. in this case the counter should show only the publicly viewable pedalboards, that would be the bug/cause of the issue.


If I press the “Beta” link, I see two additional pedalboards using the Rude - still not eight but better than one. Similarly I see three beta pedalboards using the Midi File plugin.

Happy New Year!