Webinar topics suggestions

Hi everyone!

We’re in the process of preparing a series of Webinars to help out new users in getting acquainted with some of the features that the MOD Duo provides.

This could also prove helpful for seasoned users that would like to deepen their knowledge on some aspect of the Duo that you’re not fully exploring (unless you’re a master in the art of pedalboard setups, developing plugins and creating peripherals, in which case you should DEFINITELY help us out with the Webinars :grin:)

We’ve come up with the following topics:

  • Arduino for audio
  • MIDI for dummies
  • Audio conversion (analog-to-digital, dynamic range, better, proper sound)
  • Making plugins from PureData
  • Making plugins from MaxMSP
  • Making plugins from Faust

What do you think? Any suggestions? Any topics that you would like to see covered in a webinar? Any subjects you reckon would be helpful for new users?

Cheers to y’all!



Hi Maurico,

I didn’t know PD, MSP and Faust were supported, is there some documentation somewhere?



I’d like to watch a walk-through for gigging (mind the omitted “l”!) musicians: how to avoid common pitfalls, circumvent missing features or long pedal-board switching times. You know, the stuff that was asked in the forum before.


Converting faust to lv2 is already possible, as someone already did that work.
(thanks Albert!)

PD as plugins can be done using pdlv2 project, but needs a little more work to run reliably.

For Max, the gen~ objects can be converted to plugins.
Currently being worked on as part of this project: https://github.com/moddevices/max-gen-skeleton

On top of what you asked and Falk mentioned in terms of converting other languages into LV2, the webinars will also address more general notions concerning each language, so that users that are not familiar with them can get acquainted.

They don’t have to be specifically MOD-oriented…

I’d love some deep dives into some of the plugins, explaining the parameters in more detail and how to get really good sounds. Some effects plugins have parameters which are immediately easy to understand, but a lot don’t…

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+1 for puredata! :slight_smile:

…wish there was something lisp-y that was MODable. i’ve been looking at Overtone… love the language, but it utilizes the supercollider engine, so is not gonna work, i imagine. maybe i should learn Faust.

so, yeah: +1 for Faust as well! :slight_smile:

I would really like to know more about pd+pdlv2. I have been trying to get it to work but no luck yet.

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I don’t know if there is the place to post but I have been getting some feedback from the field and a “Getting Started” kind of video would be great. Is there already a video like this?

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there are some reviews on youtube


but we are working in a intro video as well on a 8 lesson mini course