Webgui not loading

The webgui is not loading on either my Modduo or Moddwarf. I’ve tried both linux and windows, both firefox and chrome.

If I type in modduo.local or moddwarf.local it says server not found, and if I type in the IP address it times out.

This has happened in the past, but then after a few power cycles it works again, but I’ve tried many times the last couple of days and it never works now.

Long ago I did follow the (experimental) wiki guide to enable it to work as a usb audio interface on both devices. I don’t know if that could influence the reliability of the device setting up the usb server.

Is there anything I could do to fix this?

>> I don’t know if that could influence the reliability of the device setting up the usb server.

According my experience with MDX - it can, with exactly same symptoms. Just to notice, if it the same bug as i had - reconnecting usb cable without powercycle is useless, at least for me.

You can use hardware interface to disable that and return to network-only mode. At least that what I ended with, I enable usb audio back only temporary, specifically for recording

Yes i have same thing on dwarf. I have to power cycle, if the usb loses connection. I have wiggly usb cable so happens sometimes. Not a huge problem but any solution perhaps? I have a 2 hand unit so i have no idea if somebody turned on audio interface.

I could put the dwarf in network-only mode using the hardware interface, but that didn’t help. I cannot find a way to put the duo in network-only mode.

This is getting quite frustrating now

Ok here’s an update: Both devices seem to work when I connect them to a raspberry pi, but neither work with my pc, regardless of which usb port or operating system I use. Even if I reflash the devices they still don’t work with my pc, so I expect the problem is with my pc. I’ll debug it at some point on the future, but for now at least I can use the raspberry pi to edit pedalboards

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