Web UI - Editable grid with summary of connections/pages


Apologies if i miss something and anything similar to this it’s already present.

I thought it would be really nice to have a sort of editable global grid which summarises the parameters set for every plugins to all the associated currently set pages (knobs, switches).

With such feature it would a lot easier to reassign parameters to other pages rather than browsing every single plugin all the time, delete and reset.

Not sure if it’s easily achievable i can try to draw something if it’s not clear what i mean.
What i have in mind it’s the routing grid available in Ardour where all the connections are reassignable from a global grid



I’ve made some requests here that seam to correspond to yours, not sure :


yup! there have been a number of discussions about something like this; i think it would be one of the single most beneficial advancements in the platform.


@Rom it looks similar to what i have in mind indeed. I should have probably checked the feature section more carefully. cheers

It doesn’t exist, but I mapped it (as all the other requests for something really similar). I would say that on the amount of people requesting it, it’s a must. Yet, it is not really the easiest feature to implement.