We need candidates for an interview with a consultancy firm

Hi evevryone

We are in need of three volunteers for a quick interview - by email or by Skype/hangout - with a company that is doing a diagnostic in our communication and marketing structure.

It is necessary that the volunteers are not personal friends of our team. Of course, after we’ve been shipping and such, I consider most of the backers as some sort of acquaintance. This is ok for the survey.

Anyone has interest?

This would help us immensely as communication is one of the topics we ain’t doing as good as we should.

We would be very grateful :wink:

Looking forward

Hi Gianfranco,

I am rather busy right now, but if no-one else steps forward I’d gladly help out.


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It won’t require much time. It is just one quick interview actually :wink:

OK, cool! I am in New Zealand until Sunday and in Germany from next Wednesday. Email would be my preferred mode of being interviewed.

Take care!

That is perfect @eggsperde

I will send an email with details.

Thank you sooooooo much :wink:

No worries… I’m looking forward to hearing from you! :smiley:

So we have one volunteer, still need another two. Anyone else?

I don’t have the mod duo yet. If it’s not a problem I’d be glad to help. I live in Paris, France, and prefer emails exchange than Skype. :wink:

I ould love to help. But…I do not have the Mod Duo yet. Should be here in August. If that is not necesary than send me the info via email.

I tried my Duo only a couple of times, but I would be glad to give an interview vie e-mail.

Happy to help if you need someone who has a Mod Duo already.

That is great guys!!!

Thank you so much for the responses and support.

They need people who already got the Duo. I will forward them the contacts of @andersonfaller, @daniel and @eggsperde ok?

They will contact you to arrange the interviews. It shall take about half an hour.

You guys rock!!!


I’m interested.

OK, of course. Sorry for the late reply; I had overlooked your question…