Wavedrum, physical modelling effect

I’m looking for something that can do what a subset of what the Korg Wavedrum does: take a percussive-ish audio signal and apply a physical modelling synth, resonators or other effects to it. Sensory Percussion has a lot of patches that get close but it’s expense, I have a Dwarf and would require a laptop purchase for me to top of it to play out. I have an AudioFront eDumIn so I can send MIDI note and velocity extracted from the same audio signal(s).

I’ve thought about using Cardinal and done a little bit of experimenting with it running in Ableton but I have very little experience with modular synths and looking for guidance. I realize I’m not being very specific but that’s somewhat intentionally open ended: “What if Dwarf could be a Wavedrum?”

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Wouldn’t a well crafted IR do the job? Or am I completely not understanding the question?

Maybe it could? Could you suggest an IR and/or workflow for me to try out?

Do I correctly understand?

Your available input signals are

  1. drum audio signal
  2. midi signal, generated from that same audio

and you want to use (any of) those to trigger something in the Dwarf.
This “something” shall

  • optionally take the audio signal as input
  • filter/modulate/whatever the audio signal
  • contain synth elements that are controlled by the midi signal

Sounds feasible to me, but I have no idea where I would start :sweat_smile: . I hope that my description - in case it’s correct - might help to find the right person to help you…

Yeah, in broad terms, you’re describing the most likely /most common of many possible outcomes I had in mind.

The MIDI signal I think is probably a nice-to-have and not the most interesting part. There’s no question that MOD devices will work as a sample module or synth module. It’s the processing part of things that I’m struggling with and looking for advice about.

You could check out cardinal and the Elements module by audible/Mutable elements. This one will respond to both Audio/CV/ and Midi.