Was the midi cable included on your dwarf? Also, how to shutdown the device?

I received my dwarf yesterday from Thomann and i am VERY happy with it so far. The listing in Thomann says there is a midi cable included Mod Devices Dwarf – Thomann Elláda but I didn’t see any. The one unboxing I could find on youtube also doesn’t show a midi cable included, so was it just a typo in Thomann?
Also, are we supposed to just pull the plug on it? It doesn’t feel right, but I couldn’t find any option to shutdown on the device or the webui.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hello @lambrosgg ,

Unfortunately, the MOD dwarf comes with no MIDI TRS Type A cable.
Thomann information is correct because both USB cable and USB stick for backup and restore come with the dwarf.

Be sure to save your pedalboard after tweaking. The dwarf will load the current saved pedalboard on reboot.
Have you looked up the MOD Web GUI User Guide

Rgarding shutdown:

Feel free to ask further, our forum members are really helpful,

Greetings and God bless, Marius


No, I don’t believe the Dwarf includes MIDI cables. Mine did not. I did have a “fun” time finding a good TRS MIDI cable, though.

As for power, this has been working well for me.


No, @lambrosgg it doesn’t include MIDI cables.

I took a look on Thomann listing, but I believe that you misunderstood what is written there. It says that includes ports for that, not the cables.
The cables that includes is only the USB B.
Besides that, it includes:

  • a USB stick,
  • a power supply
  • 2x rubber stripes
  • 2x pairs of velcro stripes
  • the EVA case

Dwarf MIDI cables, here’s how:

First, most poeple already have hanging around a male to male 1/8" (3.5mm) Stereo cable. If not, get one the length you need:

The same goes for a regular MIDI 5 pins Din cable. If you have a need to use MIDI with your Dwarf, chances are you already own such a cable. If not, get one.

Then, the fun starts:

  • Cut both wire exactly in the middle.
  • Skin the end of each cable to expose the copper wires.
  • With the help of a multimeter, find and take note of what wire color goes to which pin on each connector.
  • Take a DIN half and solder its wires to those of a 1/8" (3.5mm) TRS half according to this pinout:

Repeat for the remaining halves.

No soldering skills? No problem, simply twist the wires together and wrap in black electrical tape Individually of course to not short circuit them :wink: But soldering the wires will garanty a better conection. Maybe it’s time to lear a new skill and be proud of your selves.

No multimeter or continuity tester? No problem, watch this video: Home made continuity tester

Once both halves pairs are done, you have all the cables required to do MIDI in and out on the Dwarf.

If you already had these cables around in your house, you just saved a ton of money and enjoyed an hour learning and practicing new skills.

A total win-win situation !