Wanted: shared pedalboards with audio

Dearest MOD users

I would like to ask for a bit of support from you.

@falkTX (who else?) created a very neat way of embedding the shared pedalboards on the website, including the audio player.

Here is an example page just to show how it appears when embedded: Shared pedalboards - MOD Audio website

This method gives us a great way to display sound demos through the website.

And why am I writing this here?

Well. All we need now is to have pedalboards with great recorded samples to distribute around the website. And that’s were you guys come in :slight_smile:

So, if you have a board that you think sounds awesome and a tasty riff begging to be recorded, why not sharing it?

If you do, please share the link in this topic. Any extra information about the boards is useful for the copy.

As Zappa would say, shall we share our pedalboards seriously?

Looking forward


I am not sure I get the point of your request. Pedalboards with sound aren’t already on the pedalboard section of the site?


Yes. The shared boards go to the pedalboard feed :slight_smile:

I’d like that our users share their favorite boards, with recorded sound, so that I can embed them on the site.

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I’ll just kick it off with these that I stumbled upon lately and found solid / interesting:

Side note: Maybe some kind of rating system (e.g. stars or hearts) for pedalboards might be useful for this kind of purpose and in general.


Thanks @derschakal

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that would be awesome 4 sure will share some here SOON!

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Great feature !! if i may add here it would be great to see the cpu consumption on shared boards !
could help to know if you have margin to add some stuff maybe ?