Wah pedal

Hello everyone!
Is there a way i can make the wah plugin turn on when i move the expression pedal and close after a 1-2 seconds of not moving it?

This could be for you:

Or this :


I guess they have thought of everything!! :grinning:

I guess it is too far from your request, but here is my take on controlling wah pedal anyway.

I am using KMI Softstep2 for auto enabling the wah with a rubber button pressure.

KMI can generate a cc signal when you just put you foot on the rubber button. I use it for controlling switchbox and selecting wah or wah-less sound.

Button pressure controls wah depth via a separate CC signal.

If I had to use a regular expression pedal, probably I would try to do some thresholding with CV plugins, to flip that switchbox once pedal reports non-zero value


Thanks!It looks complicated!
The switchless wah might be easier :slight_smile: