Wah auto dis/engage

Would it be possible with current plugins to dis/engage a wah plugin if midi signal is >/< of a certain value?
“Advanced” wah have a nice feature that auto dis/engage after N msecs the pedal has moved/stopped.

On my helix you can set it so anything below say 125 turns wah on. so to turn off you push it down completely - above 125. Most of us dont rock the wah against the enclosure so its pretty usable. You can do it the opposite way too. So maybe implement that kind of control.

I dont think its just a line 6 thing so you never know.

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I believe that the CV Gate can help you on this one

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Is there a plugin that converts MIDI signals from MIDI IN port to CV?

Hope these do what you are looking for.

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Thanks but I’m looking for a plugin that captures MIDI from IN.

I’m not sure I fully understand what this means. Are you able to give more details?

MIDI to CV mono doesn’t translate MIDI signals from Dwarf MIDI IN port to CV

Sounds like a bug to me! (Maybe @falkTX or @jon can confirm if that is expected behaviour?)

Do you think it would be good to make new post to report it?

EDIT: Perhaps not a bug. See falkTX’s reply below.

EDIT: Not a bug. Ignore this message :sweat_smile:

Don’t know, maybe I don’t understand how it works.

MIDI 2 CV is meant for notes, not MIDI CC.
We need a different plugin for that.

EDIT: maybe just convert CC to notes? then midi2cv should work.


That works, thanks a lot!


It works but some glitches (noise) are present when GXQUACK is de/activated.

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Adding a “Slew Rate Limiter” after “CV Parameter Modulation”, with “Fall Time” set to 10-20 ms will give the nice feeling I was looking for: even if you reach zero position, wah will deactivate only if you stay more than 20 ms. This will prevent accidental wah deactivation. Obviously the “GXQUACK”'s “on/off” parameter must be now assigned to “Slew Rate Limiter” output.

Once you get the desired result remove the two CV Meters, will save few CPU cycles.