VX Kraken Ch1 through Randall V30 + SH57

I tried replicating my base amp + cabinet and I think it turned out well.
This was recorded with the exact settings I use normally when mic-ed (I didn’t exactly nail mic placement this time). I didn’t use the real input.wave but I just played weird stuff on different pickups and settings for about 5mins.
For a first and really hacky test I think it turned out pretty good, that’s why I’m sharing it here.

Victory_VX_Channel1_RandallV30.json (81.2 KB)


Oh don’t forget to disable the cabinet IR if you’re trying this!

might be interesting to get the input.wav you used/played and add this to the list for training.


Hey, oh I didn’t know there’s a list for training, here it is:

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