Vulf compressor

Has anyone already heard of this ?

It’s one of the recipies of the Vulfpeck’s sound.


Sounds cool… but since it is VST/Mac/Win-only it does not really pass my interest-threshold. You reckon it has advantages over the currently published plugins in “our” ecosystem?

This is precisely the point of my question : have we got anything in our own arsenal that would come close to that sound ? Or how hard do our experts reckon it would be to implement one ?


That is a very impressive compressor and so well tuned for drums!

In the Linux LV2 world my guess is you’d need to combine some plugins, for the dirty super compressed drum sounds ‘Barry’s Satan Maximizer’ which is a Linux LADSPA plugin by Steve Harris that has been ported to LV2 as well is a good possibility. I don’t think Barry’s Satan Maximizer is in the MOD store yet though.

There are also some good LV2 Compressors and Maximizers by Damien Zammit (Zam Plugins) that can get nice and crispy if you want, not sure on their availability in the MOD currently.

Lastly it appears some of the Calf Plugins are in ‘Unstable’ for the MOD, I’ve used their delays and limiters but I have no personal experience with their Compressors…


Thanks for that !!!