VST support

I couldn’t find any request about this which is surprising for me. there are tons of excellent free vst plugins.

right now I’m thinking on Lepou amps… would be amazing to have those in modduo.

I know it’s possible to run them in linux. Ardour supports them.

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oh mod duo is ARM… I forgot that… and Lepou never released the source code and went dark years ago… well thanks anyway!

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Bringing back to life this old feature request.
I think that this topic have been overlook here on the forum.
Is this request meaningful to the MOD environment?

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Not really. Afaik VST2 doesn’t support external plugin UI so that would be a no. VST3 might be possible, but requires some significant effort. Ideally an implementation without the Steinberg SDKs is done as it is not actually GPL compatible.

This means even more work. And the MOD team doesn’t have capacity to work on such things.

Of course someone else could do the work and do a Pull Request to the MOD code projects that provides such functionality. But considering the number and scope of outside contributions so far this is very unlikely.


Thanks for answering @dreamer
I had no Idea that this request could demand so much work.

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Not sure what you expected otherwise.

Well… I have no clue about coding so I expected that this feature request could be taken into consideration by the MOD team to be implemented.
Reading your opinion on the subject made me realize why this request has no interaction from them.