Vocs MV BM Amp and Cab

We’re very proud to officially announce two plugins from a partnership that we have been quite excited about.

These are the first outcome of a partnership with Choptones, a well know vendor of IRs, presets and captures.

The Vocs MV BM amp, similar to other plugins we’ve recently published, were captured by Choptones and then modelled by the MOD Team. It features a dynamic model, with multiple captures of the amps different states, merged together into a single responsive model. A Treble Boost switch adds an extra spice to the great sounds of this nice little amp.

The Vocs MV BM Cabinet features three different IR packs from Choptones, with captures from cabinets that beautifully match the amp.

Different from other cabinet plugins we’ve published before, the Choptones cabinet brings, for the first time to the MOD Platform, a “studio like” sound design experience. With three different cabinets, ten different microphones, two pre-amps and two mic positions, users are now given a much broader range of settings, allowing a much finer adjustment of the tone.

We’ve curious to hear the opinion of the users about having such an experience available in our platform :slight_smile:

Rock on!

Gianfranco, aka The MOD Father


I use them for a month or so now and I can say both - amp plus cab, sounds really good. The cab seems to be quite expensive but with its all options it is a fair price.

Thanks for sharing your opinion @Lukasz

The cabinets are indeed pricier than previous cabinets we sold and this pricing is something we have yet to understand where the sweet spot is. If one goes for the actual IR packs contained in the plugin, the price would be actually higher.

I would like to know how deep in the tone hunt one would be wishing to dive, from the perspective of a device user.


the plugin page says “3 pedalboards using it”, but there are none Pedalboards - MOD Audio :confused:


they are shared with the option to be hidden from the feed, but the counter still accounts for them.

we gotta fix this.