Vocals or General Latency


Hey i received my Mod Dwarf. Cool Little thing. When i plugged in a Microphone with no Pedal in the chain i have something like a latency issue. It sound like a chorus. maybe nice in some cases, but not what i expected (the clean dry signal). I try out different XLR to Line Cables. I also try a preamp between Mic and Dwarf so that i don’t have a Problem with balanced/unbalanced. And i try out the different buffer setting. Nothing helped. My interface is a UA Apollo Twin. Normal i have zero latency with this. Any suggestions? Same Happend if i use headphones direct with the Dwarf

How to reproduce

  1. Start with a empty pedalboard, just a cable from in > to > out
  2. Insert a Mic (direct, with preamp, Balanced or unbalanced)
  3. Connect a Headphone to the dwarf, or connect to the insert of you soundcard

Expected/suggested solution

I should hear my voice without latency/chorus/delay

Additional information

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the version.

  • release:

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

Mac 10.15.7

Does this just happen with a microphone?
It seems like a weird issue. Are you connecting only the input on the WebGui where you connected the microfone?

Hey, maybe i don’t feel it when i play guitar. But when i sing i have this Latency.

Signal Flow 1:

  • SMB7 → Focus­rite Scar­lett Solo
  • Focus­rite Scar­lett Solo (Line out) → Mod Dwarf (Line IN 1)
  • Mod Dwarf (Line IN 1) <--------> Mod Dwarf (Line OUT 1)
  • Mod Dwarf (Line OUT 1) → UA - Audio Apollo Twin
  • UA - Audio Apollo Twin → Headphones / Or Monitor Speakers

Signal Flow 2:

  • SMB7 → Mod Dwarf (Line IN 1, Direct with XLR to Line Adapter)
  • Mod Dwarf (Line IN 1) <--------> Mod Dwarf (Line OUT 1)
  • Mod Dwarf (Line OUT 1) → UA - Audio Apollo Twin
  • UA - Audio Apollo Twin → Headphones / Or Monitor Speakers

I believe that this chorus effect is a result of the sum of all the latencies on the devices that you have connected.
Each soundcard on the flow is adding a little bit of latency and the Dwarf as well. All are super small and unnoticeable, but when you put it together you get what you are describing.

If you connect the Microphone to the Dwarf and then to the PA system do you still have it?

i have the same issue if i just connect the mic direct and use the headphone out on the dwarf.
Don’t have a PA we use only in Ear Monitoring. I will test i tonight with my Monitors again.

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We are investigating, but this seems like something either happening on your setup or with the pedalboard inside the Dwarf. Is the ear monitoring wireless?
Let us know the results of your tests.