Vital Synth Port

I didn’t realize until recently that Vital has an lv2 version! I don’t know how difficult it would be to port to the mod platform, but this synth easily competes with other software synths up to 5x its full-version price. Similar to a certain stompbox that just won’t quit…:wink:

Edit: Vital is mentioned elsewhere in the forum but not in this capacity


Vital itself no longer supports LV2, however FalkTX maintains a fork called Vitalium that does.

However I suspect that both performance and a lack of UI would be the main bottle-necks to get this running properly on MOD.


Interesting…I can understand why performance might be an issue, but I’m confused when you write that it lacks a UI. Maybe it’s a different Vitalium fork I’m seeing on YouTube?

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It lacks a MOD UI.

How would you plan on using a plugin in MOD when all you see is a sardine can?

Of course with a lot of effort a UI might be created, but in order to make something that is as useful as Vital … I’m not even sure that is possible currently.

Vital has a number of additional pages for configuration, preset browsing and end of chain effects. All of this would need custom interfaces to be usable.

So coupling that with more obvious performance issues. I’m not sure if it would make a lot of sense at the moment.
(of course we can hope, but I don’t see it very realistic to get something usable out of the effort)


TIL it’s a sardine can default. :man_facepalming:. Welp now I love those opaque beta plugins even more.


might be confusing to just say there is no GUI. the point is that we cannot directly use desktop GUIs on the MOD platform, not easily anyhow.

on desktop there are native APIs for creating a window, handling events, drawing stuff on screen etc.
this is a completely different environment for what is used as web technologies (that being HTML, CSS, JS)
so typically such GUIs have to be ported over from desktop to browser.

what some folks have been trying lately, myself included, is already include the browser as target platform when building new tools.
when planing ahead we can have the same GUIs on both desktop and browser side, made possible with “web assembly” as target platform.

I have seen some JUCE forks with attempts to get JUCE on the browser (the framework used in Vital[ium]).
But they are all quite old now and unsupported by JUCE devs.

For now for JUCE-based plugins we pretty much ended up rebuilding the GUI with Web stuff while leaving the DSP/engine/plugin side intact.
Works fine for simpler GUIs like TAL-Reverb-2 and OJD, but getting the more complex stuff ported this way is near impossible.

The more realistic synth being able to be fully ported over is zynaddsubfx
I am in talks with the developers to get things updated for such thing, but will take some time still.


Did anyone see this tool called Micro Music that finds parameter settings for Vital to reproduce a sound based on a sound clip? Something like this would be an awesome addition to the MOD community.

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