Visual metronome indication of tempo/beat for DUO?

Sorry if this has already been asked/answered but is there any way to get a visual indicator of the start of each beat when BPM is running? Maybe via one of the LEDs flashing, or something pulsing on one of the DUO screens?


That would be a nice addition. The BeatBuddy does this well by moving a highlighted vertical line across the screen at each beat, resetting after each bar. For another example, the BPM indicator on the BOSS RC-300 flashes green for beats and red on each bar.

My implicit understanding from some other conversations is that there is some work being done to facilitate more stateful information being passed between the plugin and host, which will allow these kinds of realtime / visual feedback to be implemented (and without a bunch of hacks).


Yup, there are definitely ways to achieve this with external pedals.

Iā€™m hoping it would be possible to have a small area flashing on one of the duo screens, without affecting existing functionality.

What a beautiful sentence!