Visual glitch in plugin store after install all

Just completed installing all of the available plugins on my moddwarf, and then upon completion, noticed this visual glitch of the featured plugins list:

Not really a big deal, and probably not moddwarf-specific, but just forwarding this glitch. Upon refreshing the page, is back to normal.

did you use address with other unit before?

this is likely a cache issue, those are very very hard to deal with… (in terms of fixing in the software)

Thanks for the report though, something to keep in mind. If I spot something suspicious when dealing with the store code again, I will remember this.

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Well I did change my ModDwarf’s and ModDuo’s ip addresses a couple times before. This ModDwarf used to be on another local ip address, but I had then updated to a newer build, and that reset the ip address to and so I just left it at that at the point this photo was taken.