Visual feedback of when a pedal board has loaded?

One thing I’d love to have is some kind of visual indicator that a pedalboard has loaded and is ready to go… If I switch boards mid-sound, I don’t want to have to keep hitting the note until it unmutes… I’d rather see a light flash, or the screen do something, if possible, so I can start cleanly with the next sound :slight_smile:


I’ll +1 that, from a UX perspective some signal is needed to indicate that MOD is ready.

To complicate things a little, one shouldn’t have to “monitor” (aka, keep looking at) the MOD in order to see when its done. What I mean is that it should be an indicator with state. Flashing the screen once when the load is complete is not a good solution, because it would require constantly looking and waiting for the flash.

Can I suggest inverting the screen? White text on black background, and when load is complete and FX rolling, revert screen to “normal” black text on white.

Just a suggestion, first thing that came to my mind :slight_smile: -Harry