Virtual Control Chain Device

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Short question:
Does somebody know if it would be generally possible to program a virtual Control Chain Pedal within the Mod Duo or Dwarf, that would act similar like something I would program with the Arduino Shield?

My idea is to have a Control Chain Device that has got a flexible number of knobs and actuators. On the pedalboard “side” I could directly map switched/potis from my pedal board, on the other “side” I could convert all the data to something else (e.g. other protocols via USB or network, or MIDI SysEx messages to a specific USB-Midi Adapter) - if it’s possible to get out of the MOD environment with “something else”.

I’m still thinking about possible solutions for my special task which might enhance the interaction with MIDI controllers:

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control chain is all done in software, so this is surely doable.
you will need a physical serial data line though, to plug into the RJ45 connector.
If you want a purely virtual device within the MOD unit, that is a bit more tricky…

in any case the firmware (ie, the software) for the MOD footswitch is available at GitHub - moddevices/cc-fw-footswitch: Footswitch extension firmware
that might serve as a starting point perhaps

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Thanks for the reply and pointing me into the right direction.
I already looked a bit over the sources and understand that it is possible to start the control chain master with a specific tty device. So when using socat in order to connect the virtual cc device, shouldn’t it be possible to skip the need for a “physical serial data line”?!

As soon as I find some additional time I’ll start experimenting.

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