Victory VX Kraken Models

Hi all, lets have a go of this modelling malarky. Who fancies a go of my Victory Kraken?

This is signal reamped into the VX through a Palmer Daccapo reamp box, then captured via a Two notes Torpedo Captor 16. That gives a model of the preamp and poweramp sections combined.

I’ve made two models so far of channel 2, one with and one without the bass focus switch engaged. I used the settings I generally like to use personally (shown in the picture).

Victory-VX-CH2-FOff-G5-Heavy.json (80.8 KB)
Victory-VX-CH2-FOn-G5-Heavy.json (80.6 KB)

When I find the time I’ll have a go at some more models with different settings, channel 1, preamp only, etc. Enjoy!


Update - I’ve made a new model of just the preamp section on the same settings as above, captured straight from the effects send of the Kraken.

Victory-VX-CH2-Pre-G5-Heavy.json (80.5 KB)

There’s not much in it, but I’m finding the older sounds suit my IRs of choice better personally. I’m interested to see if an IR of my matching Victory 2x12 through the VX’s power section will sound better on this model since otherwise we’d be getting the power section twice. To be continued.


Awesome profiles!!! I’ve tried the both, “Foff” and “FOn” and both sound and feel killer! Please… could you make some more profiles like these 2 you have done, but at different levels of Gain? That would be great! Thanks!


Update - Whole bunch of CH1 models at two quite low gain levels. As before through power amp - with focus on and off - and through preamp only versions.

Victory-VX-CH1-FOff-G1-Heavy.json (81.2 KB)
Victory-VX-CH1-FOff-G4-Heavy.json (81.0 KB)
Victory-VX-CH1-FOn-G1-Heavy.json (81.4 KB)
Victory-VX-CH1-FOn-G4-Heavy.json (81.2 KB)
Victory-VX-CH1-Pre-G1-Heavy.json (81.3 KB)
Victory-VX-CH1-Pre-G4-Heavy.json (81.0 KB)

I’ll get some more done of higher gains and maybe some more of CH2 when I find some more time. Still thinking about profiling the cab too.


Oh my god CH1 ones sound amazing! Thanks for uploading!
(ps if you time please crank the CH1 gain to max and do a model pretty please)


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Wow! These are the best captures I’ve tried so far. Clean channel is wonderful and also the heavy distorted one is also very nice! Thanks a lot!



The AIDA-X team has released the AIDA-X Cloud:

Would you upload your models there? :pray:

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@gianfranco Done :+1:


Awesome!!! :muscle: :muscle:

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Really good captures man! Really clean. Do you use filtered power?

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