VeJa - Roamer

Hi and happy new year everyone!

To start the year off right I’m happy to announce a new VeJa plugin, called the Roamer.

The Roamer is a bass amplifier simulation that aims to cover a wide range of bass sounds.

A distinctive set of controls offer unique tone shaping options. Combined with the generous amount of gain available, the Roamer can take you anywhere from warm clean sounds to nice fuzzy bass.

What makes the Roamer unique is the toggleable band-boost filter. This allows the player to highlight one of the five frequency bands in their sound, while the other bands are slightly dimmed. The sound can then be further shaped to create something familiar or something special. this is how the Roamer can feel like a whole bunch of amplifiers in one.

It comes with a small selection of presets made by the VeJa team.
Apologies that there are no sound demos available, we are still working on that!

Comments and feedback are more than welcome.



A great 2023 to the whole VeJa team!

Sweet, a bass amp!
Now I need to get my hands on my bass again soon :smiley:

edit: oh hell; I’ll even try with my guitar and then I’ll put a transposer in front in the MOD itself.
(who am I kidding otherwise, this is the MOD forum, not the ancient and conservative Acoustic Guitar Forum :smiley: )


For some time new plugins has been feeding my GAS quite good, but now it seems I need to buy a bass, so the story again begins… :slight_smile:


Super cool, I’m excited to try it out! I’m more of a guitar player but have been playing bass in a three-piece rock band so this is timely …and my Dwarf is scheduled to arrive today!!!


Hey @Jan

Really awesome amp sim!
Very little tweaking to get an excellent clean jazz guitar sound.

Thanks a lot!


Here it goes a little sample!


Really nice sound! I am stealing it .


Nice Amp and Nice jazz Sound. What IR are you using?


“Under Water IR.wav” You can find it here


Thanks a lot! I’m trying makinig jazz sound from my Ukulele… And your pedalbord is a great starting point!


Hello @CarloDossi

I’ve upgraded the PB.
Take a look…


It sounds great, and I appreciate you sharing the pedalboard. Just curious, what made you choose the (bass amp) Roamer for your tone? Was it random experimentation, or some insight from prior experience?


Hello @unbracketed

The short answer is because of the Fender Bassman.

Although I have never tried the real Bassman myself, I’ve always heard (read) that it sounded great for jazz guitar. So whenever I have a chance I test my guitars with bass amps.

They tend to sound very neutral and clean which is a very good starting point.
For my taste the Roamer shines for a jazz guitar tone only if the MID Band Boost is engaged.
Throw in a good overdrive (real pedal) in front of the Dwarf and you will have a good overall jazz and blues guitar sound.


It sounds great. Trying to replace the hall reverb with a early reflections + plate combination in order to save about 10% cpu… The result is quite similar… I love this amplifier too (without a bass), very smooth and round in low to mid boost, more aggressive and definite in the high zone, changing easily with only one click


When I was in high school, I played bass in jazz band. The school had a Bassman 100 Head with a 6x10 cabinet. I did not appreciate what I had access to. I once plugged my electric 6-string into it and couldn’t get any distortion out of it, so that was the end of it (I didn’t have any pedals). I would love to revisit that amp with what I know now!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.


Nice. What are you using for that?

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I’m using Dragonfly reverb too, they are 2 but use less CPU (about 10%)… is not the same but not too far i think.

Here’s my attempt using a soprano Ukulele… Sorry for the beginner playing :sweat_smile:


Hello @CarloDossi
Thanks for sharing.

I’ve used your idea and created a version of my PB to match the two approaches.

The loop starts with the combination of the Early Reflection and Plate reverbs and then on the 2nd loop run I switch to the Hall reverb and so on.

Later on I will delete the HALL Reverb on this PB to compare the CPU usage with the previous one.

Maybe we should continue this discussion in a new thread since it’s no longer related to the Veja - Roamer plugin. :sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing, actually the difference is hard to tell, I think I still slightly prefer the hall reverb but it takes me several listening to reach this conclusion and I probably could no translate on words the difference in sound. Probably in complex pedalboard I’ll choose the combo rather in simpler remain on hall.
However great approach to test sounds, scientific.
Yes a bit out of topic here


Finally tried Roamer out—this thing is amazing! I’m still doing an A/B test between it and GxAlembic, but it’s got a lot of tonal options.

Most notably, I’ve found that with the Mid-High button selected it makes a pretty terrific amp for acoustic basses—I have two Godin A4s (one strung piccolo) and two custom builds with piezos in the bridges, so it’s something I’ve been looking for. I need to make an IR of my Acoustic Image amp or maybe my PJB to see if it drives it over the edge to perfection.