VeJa - Rambler

Hi everyone

I’m proud to announce another premium VeJa plugin, called the Rambler.

The Rambler is an amplifier that has loads of rich harmonics and heavy distortion on tap.
It is a dual channel amp with a clean and lead channel. This allows for a vast range of sounds. The clean channel can go from warm cleans to bluesy overdrive, and the lead channel goes from classic rock all the way to destructively heavy djent tones.

The Rambler is a plugin with a long history and is one of the earlier made VeJa plugins that got reworked and polished over the past few months. All tubes in the Rambler are modelled after the curves of real in-house designed tube amplifiers. The Rambler’s design allows for more drive than with original amplifier configurations.

It comes with a selection of presets made by the VeJa team.

Comments and feedback are more then welcome



is this VeJa’s answer to my question: “How do you metal” ? :smiley:

I’m going o go upstairs now and check this baby out…


Wow, that’s a really great amp! I love it.

There seems to be either with the store or the plugin though:
when I add thr Rambler to a pedalboard, I get the muted sound from time to time that is common for “trial” plugins.
However, there is no Trial flag on the amp, and there’s no way to purchase the Rambler, either.

Is this supposed to be a paid plugin or a free one?


The Rambler is a paid plugin.
I tried the purchase on my end and it seems to work, can you try in an incognito window?

Otherwise the issue is probably on the mod-store side and @falkTX is probably the guy to have a look

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Make sure to be running on 1.12 or above, buying plugins on 1.11 and older no longer works.


I created a little test board and the Rambler makes a good gritty metal sound out of the box.

So; YES it DOES METAL! :smiley:

I experimented with a TS in front but it’s mostly taste what you want qua saturation.
Without TS, it retains a gritty sound which might sound to need some polishing on the edges (cab, sniff of verb) but with a certain “openness” or “articulation” if you may.
Perhaps this has to do with compression; it sounds less compressed than a typical high gain metal amp. Then again, I’m no sound tech

Very usable base sound, less CPU heavy than the Mutant.
I do prefer a bit of verb to take the edge off but I haven’t tested it live on a real cab yet and THAT’s what matters for me here.

No in-depth testing yet but by all means, if there are specific things you want me to test and share, let me know. Control wise it is super straight forward so operating it couldn’t be simpler.


Thanks for the feedback.
I’ll try again tonight or tomorrow.
The Dwarf says it’s up to date, but I’ll also check again.
I’ve seen the “remove trial” button on other plugins, but on this one it doesn’t show any hint that it’s a paid plugin.
Same for alle the other “newer” Veja amps like the roamer or the red apple, btw.

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Same result to me too.
There are at least 5 plugin with “trial only” button but not “add to chart” or “buy” option.
Dwarf is up to date

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For me, the rambler shows up as trail only. No chance to buy the plugin. I purchased the Red Apple and i have installed Mutant and Roamer without buying them. Don’t know if these are paid plugins.

The Onyx, Mutant and Roamer are free :wink:

and very odd behaviour in the mod-store, I’ll ask the team to have a look!

@Casanunda, @Rino2, @deroddo there was a detail missing in our shop backend. It’s fixed, so the price should be visible now and a purchase should work also. Sorry for inconvenience!


I can confirm it works now.
Thanks, just made my first plugin purchase yesterday!