Van Halen twin harmonizer trick

High everyone,

How would you guys recreate the tone of EVH, especially the effect of the Eventide H910 harmonizer he was using to create his huge sound.
The trick was apparently to use two of these to introduce a very small pitch variation between two versions of the signal, the second one additionally being very slightly delayed.
I’m not sure which plugins to use to obtain the micro pitch shift.

Has anyone every tried that ?


A tape delay like this could do the trick ?

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does it need to be a constant pitch deviation or a variable one?

if it should be variable, won’t the Fractal Doubler do it?


Thank you guys, I’m going to try that.

I am also not sure about where it is inserted in the signal chain…

Nice plugin!!Hadn`t tried that!Thanks!

it is one of my old time favorites :slight_smile: