ValhallaDSP Reverb Plugins


did the ModTeam by any chance reach out to the Valhalla Team if they are interested to offer thier stuff in the mod store?
I really like their reverbs, the Super Massive is even free and has a great sound. As i understand this one is build with Juce. So there shouldn’t be a big hurdle to port it.


Indeed a cool idea.
I don’t know if any of us has some “shortcut” into the Valhalla guys. Yet, this initiative coming out from the community (meaning one of you guys reaching out to them and showing how you as an user would like that) would probably be a better starting point. They need to see that they have room to enrich their user base if they make their plugins available on the MOD platform.
Obviously that MOD would also benefit with it. But being a conversation started by the users that crossfade on “both worlds” would probably be less biased and spark more interest.


if i remember correctly i wrote them years ago, but no answer

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granted if a lot of people contact them they would notice but I think that approach isn’t as effective as a company representative contacting them with a clear proposal (be it userbase, reach, money or other stuff - which a user can’t provide).
The only shortcut i can think of is via Chords Of Orion. He reviewed both the dwarf and Valhalla plugin. I think they are both based in Canada.


I am 100% behind trying to get some Valhalla DSP plugins. They have some awesome stuff that I can’t use because I don’t use a DAW :frowning:


The person behind Valhalla, Sean Costello, sometimes posts in the ‘electronic music instruments’ forum on (as seancostello). You might be able to get in touch with him there.


While I think Valhalla uses JUCE and therefore quite reasonable to port their plugins to MOD I kind of doubt they would be interested.

But who knows.

(they currently do not support LV2, or even just Linux)

I understand and agree with you. It’s also a bit how those conversations would fit in our roadmap. That’s why I engaged the community for that…the community is always really present in our roadmap.

Maybe it’s a good idea indeed.

Funny I found this thread. I actually reached out to Valhalla DSP after I joined the Dwarf campaign (two years ago? :exploding_head:) to ask if they’d be interested in porting their effects over. No response. :upside_down_face:

I also reached out to Scuffham Amps asking them to port S-Gear because it’s awesome. Also no reply. :joy:


Maybe we should be contacting more people / companies to see if we can get more stuff ported or even created.

Maybe we could get a hitlist going and see what comes out of it.