Using the MOD Forum in other languages

Hi everyone

As some of you may know, MOD Audio products have been distributed in Japan for a couple of months and we are now also starting to be distributed in Brazil

Differently than Europe and North America, where English can be adopted as a standard language with almost no losses to the community, these new territories are not the same.

We consider user engagement one of the most important pillars of MOD and thus, we want these new users to also engage, but the last thing we want is to add new entry points, like having a separate forum for Japanese or Portuguese.

We are looking into solutions for this - ideally a translation system similar to Wordpress’ WPML where all posts are written in the users’s original language and then translated for other users - and I wonder if people here have experience with the same topic in other communities they participate.

If you guys can share your experiences and opinions it would be great!




I’ve never seen this in action, but the discourse plugin seams to work with different services :

I’ve never hear/try LibreTranslate (GitHub - LibreTranslate/LibreTranslate: Free and Open Source Machine Translation API. Self-hosted, offline capable and easy to setup.) but it could be a start ?


I have no experience with implementing this but I have some considerations…

  • Users should be able to select a default language for them
  • I like how Facebook gives you an option to check the original post
  • If it works correctly, it sohuld be notified at relevant times that users can use their native language (if supported)
  • An icon/suble message should indicate the post was translated by AI
  • can language (and translation preferences) be tied to the profile?
  • don’t forget to translate topic fields as well :smiley: