Using MULTI BUTTON TO CV plugin to change snapshot

Hi, only yesterday I discovered the MULTI BUTTON TO CV plugin :sweat_smile:
I think this is a powerful plugin and I want to use it immediately!:muscle:t2:

I’m thinking a way to change snapshot with the single and the double press, for example:

  • Single Press → Snapshot 1 (Clean guitar sound)
  • Double Press → Snapshot 2 (Crunch guitar sound)

Right now I’m trying to test this idea. Here’s what I’m doing step by step:

  • I enabled the the Dwarf’s virtual midi loopback
  • I loaded 2 instances of the Infamous Mindi plugin and I set the first to recall snapshot 1 and the second snapshot 2.
  • Via CV I connected the single press mode to the switch of the first instance of the infamous mindi (snapshot 1)
  • Via CV I connected the double press mode to the switch of the second instance of the infamous mindi (snapshot 2)

At this point everything is connected.

The issue that I have right now is in the fact that every time I switch to snapshot 2 (double press) the infamous mindi plugin stays on. I can return to snapshot one with a single press but if I want to switch again to snapshot 2 (double press) I need to do it two times: one for turn off the infamous mindi and another time to turn it on so it can send the midi message.

Can I make the infamous mindi behave like a momentary switch?

Is it possible to set the 3 press behaviors of the MULTI BUTTON TO CV to act like they are momentary switches?

If you can test this thing and solve it, or if you know other workarounds it will be awesome!

Thank you!


Hi @al_bern,
Your whole issue seems a bit complicated for me but I have noticed something that may help you investigate : you don’t use minndi as it is explained in its description. It sends a message when you change the “value” parameter. So you may try assigning the CV ports of the multibutton to this parameter.


I think @funkypou got the solution !
Multi Button to CV → minndi value
So in this case the minndi value goes from 0 to 127 and vice-versa.


It seems that it goes from 64 to 127. Never mind, that’s the way to use minndi. I made the same mistake as @al_bern the 1st time, I though I should use On/Off to make it send a message. That looks like the common mistake so let’s make it clear for everybody :

Let mindi always on. Assign the “value” parameter.


Thank you for the advice guys!
I’ll try to use the mindi in the way you describe it, let’s see how it behaves👍


Wow, very strange !! Isn’t it a “bug” from the Multi button to CV ?
Here is the same config with a Control to CV (that’s why I expected this for the Multi button) :
CV button to mindi ON OFF

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I don’t know why but as you can see the mindi plugin (connected to the virtual midi loopback) can change snapshot even if the value is at 0…

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This is the issue I have while using the Multi Button to CV plugin in conjunction with the Mindi.

I need to press the switch two times to re-send the midi message to change snapshot

I found the reason. In the advanced settings of the mindi value assignment, operational mode was set to “Bipolar (-5 to +5)”. If I set it to “+Unipolar (0 to +10)”, the value goes from 0 to 127.

Are you sure you did what we explained on the previous posts ?
I see minndi being turned on and off when you press the Multibutton footswitch. mindi should always be “on” in every snapshot. The Multibutton ports should be assigned to the “value” parameter.


Yes, I tried it :+1:t2:

To clarify:

  • The first video I posted is to show that the mindi change snapshot even if it’s value is 0
    (Therefore I’m not able to do what you suggested)

  • The second video demonstrates the issue I had in the test that I was describing in the topic

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I was wrong. The description of mindi made me think that modifying the “value” parameter was the only way send a message. Modifying “Note/CC/PG Number” also sends a message and that’s what you need to call a snapshot. So you have to assign the Multibutton ports to this parameter.

I have tried and it almost worked but I wasn’t able to get a consistent functioning. Loading a snapshot seemed to send another MIDI message and sometimes, the previous snapshot came back. I had to click multiple times and didn’t find a value range that worked properly. But I was close so you may find a way.

However, you already did more than what the doc says :

Please note: This feature is only available when you do not have the WebGUI in your computer (or any other device) open. In case you have the WebGUI open, the MIDI Program Change message that you define in this menu won’t have any effect.